Webinar on Axle box acceleration

Register to our webinar, 22 September 10:00-11:00 CET, on Axle box acceleration measurements for railway condition monitoring!

This webinar is part of In2Track3’s exploitation activities. We will present two of our key exploitable results and discuss current challenges and possible paths toward deployment of the technology in the industry. 
The key exploitable results that will be presented are:

  • Detection of Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) using axle box acceleration (ABA) measurements 
  • Railway track stiffness evaluation using axle box accelerations

Introduction: Arjen Zoeteman, Prorail, Program Manager Research, Innovation, and Developments, will discuss the need and interest of ProRail for implementing ABA measurement technology to monitor the Dutch railway track condition.

Session 1: Alfredo Núñez Vicencio, Delft University of Technology, Associate Professor in Intelligent Railway Infrastructure, will discuss the obtained results of In2Track3 in utilizing axle box acceleration measurements to detect rail defects. A demonstrator was organized in August 2022 on the Iron Ore line between Luleå-Sweden and Narvik-Norway. This session will first discuss rolling contact fatigue and its significance for railway maintenance. Then, the principles of ABA, experiment results, and the validation campaign performed at some sections of the Swedish railways. Finally, an overview of open challenges and possible future research lines.

Session 2: Chen Shen, Delft University of Technology, Researcher expert on Rail Monitoring and Stiffness Estimation, will present the research results on railway track stiffness evaluation using ABA. First, the importance of track stiffness in railway infrastructure management will be discussed. Then, the measurement techniques and results obtained in the framework of the In2Track3 projects are presented. Finally, a discussion will be conducted on evaluating the method and possible future paths toward deploying the solutions in the industry.

Session 3: Rolf Dollevoet and Arjen Zoeteman, Prorail, The Netherlands, will chair a discussion session with representatives from the railway industry. From the infrastructure manager and maintenance contractor perspectives, experiences using ABA technology and views on the key benefits and the more complex challenges when implementing the technology will be discussed. In this discussion, we will have:
Burchard Ripke, Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany
Jorn Pruntel and Mart Folkerts, Asset Rail BV, The Netherlands

The webinar will end with a session for questions from the audience so we encourage you to participate!

Sign up here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/ccc2a1dc-7601-4d21-8439-de92750cfcc0@f2d6ee97-a152-49b4-9e7b-9d4dfefb2a1e

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