Remote underwater inspections of rail constructions improve safety

In2Track3 partner CEMOSA is making it easier to maintain underwater railway constructions. The underwater inspection vehicle is remotely operated, facilitating more inspections with more safety.

“We have fully developed an underwater vehicle that is remotely controlled and with the functionality to monitor the underwater environment around railway constructions” says Jose Solís Hernández, R&D Engineer at CEMOSA.

The ROUV is made for infrastructure maintenance and enables visual infrastructure inspections of assets such as bridges or ports. It is equipped with a live video camera as well as water quality tests and samples. The technology will enable more frequent and accurate inspections, since this work today is done by divers that usually don´t use live feed equipment during the inspection.

These are the tools that the ROUV system may carry for inspections:
• Camera.
• 1D sonar.
• Water quality sensor.
• Gripper.
• Pressure sensor.
• Compass.
• Life video feed.

“Under water vehicles to replace divers is obviously the natural development of underwater inspections and maintenance. It is already in use at off-shore oil rigs etc. The ROUV will both save costs and let us avoid the risks that are connected to diving”, says Jose Solís Hernández.

CEMOSA is a Spanish civil engineering company and a partner of In2Track3. The ROUV is one of their latest services for infrastructure managers to improve infrastructure underwater inspection.

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