The 3MB is installed!

Acciona’s 3MB slab-track solution was originally planned for installation in September 2021. Unfortunately, a lightning strike in the signal box right out along the Malmbanan (Iron Ore Line) where Gransjö is located, changed the priorities at Trafikverket and installation for In2Track3 was no longer an option.

After one year of restarted processes for planning and installation, work eventually began on September 11th.

Photo: Anders Carolin, Trafikverket

Cooperation between Acciona, Chalmers, Trafikverket and construction company BDX has been close over the last week, in order to make sure that the 30 tonnes axle load trains could resume traffic on the track in time.

Photo: Anders Carolin, Trafikverket

At 1:40 pm on Thursday September 15th, the first Iron Ore train passed over the 3MB, and the data collection period started.

More news and technical insights on the progress of the 3MB installation will come, so stay tuned.

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