WP1 team gathered in Göteborg

WP1 team has recently participated at the In2Track3 Consortium Meeting, which was held on 15-16th of June in Gothenburg, Sweden.
During the Consortium Meeting WP1 team members presented their latest developments of the Shift2Rail system demonstrators, turnout design optimisation methods as well as the turnout monitoring techniques within the work package (WP1) activities.

WP1 team gathered at the Consortium Meeting in Göteborg

Core focus of the WP1 lies in achieving the overall better performance of the railway turnouts by enchansing the reliability of turnout components, extending the components lifetime and increasing the availability of the railway instrastructure. These important goals are planned to be achieved by validating the so-called Whole System Model (WSM) collaboratively developed within the previous In2Track2 Project using the real-world field measurement data of the voestlapine Rail Systems innovative Shift2Rail turnout installed in Wien-Liesing Nord, Austria.
WP1 team members showed current results of their extensive work in different subtask levels including the detailed structural models calibration methods, further WSM framework extension by using crossing nose material meta-modelling techniques to achieve overall better framework efficiency, enchanced crossing nose performance by using optimized design and innovative materials as well as the improved turnout data monitoring techiques.

Kamil Sazgetdinov, Virtual Vehicle, presents the framework for the Whole System Model Shift2Rail demonstrator

Additionally, during the recent In2Track3 Consortium Meeting, the ViF project management of the WP1 was handed over from Eva Koinig to Michael Schmeja.

WP1 Project Management is handed over from Eva Koinig to Michael Schmeja

More information and Consortium Meeting highlights are available under this link.

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