Vincent Chartie is creating a new forum for dialogue

Vincent Chartie is one of the newest members onboard In2Track3. Recently he shifted career and went from automobile industry to rail.- I shifted to working with railway because I think that train transportation is the way forward in the future because of sustainable and climate matters, he says.

After 21 years in automobile industry Vincent Chartie took place in Railenium in France in February this year. Now he works full time in the project In2Track3. He is the leader of Workpackage 2 and 4.

Although he has been involved for just a couple of months there is something that he already has pinpointed. The communication between the partners and the tasks could work better.

– I have noticed that the different tasks are not always aware of what other are doing or would be interested to learn more about the other task. If this would improve that would also improve the efficiency of our way working and the motivation for the project, he says.

In order to try to let the different tasks work more closely to one another he has taken the initiative to a monthly digital meeting about WP2 and WP4 technical topics.

– But everyone working on In2Track3 is welcome to these meetings. I think everyone and especially the project would benefit even more with a close dialogue. It will be like a forum for the project.

This way, he thinks, the internal communication between the tasks in the workpackages can be improved.

– It is important to raise awareness of what the other tasks are doing. In this way it may be possible to find synergies between the tasks. Or someone could benefit of someone else experience. And this may be a way to create links between each other and reinforced the feeling of being part of the In2Track3 project. Also most of people are engineers or researchers. These meetings could be for their personal interest, says Vincent Chartie.

During his first short period in In2Track3 he has discovered another important characteristic thing about the project.

– I was really impressed when I saw how structured the project is, with the workpackages, the tasks and the subtasks. It is all very clear how it is organized.

He is also impressed by the width of the project and how it deals with so many different issues.

– It stretches from the design of the tracks to the maintenance of the tracks. So it really deals with all these issues of the railway, he says.

Now Vincent Chartie is looking forward to be able to present new results in the end of the period of the project.

– We see that some of the tasks in the project is well advanced and we will be able to present prototypes and demonstrations in the end of the ear to be used in 2023. We are very much looking forward to this, he says.

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