Whole System Model for evaluation of S&C designs

One of the tasks in WP1 in In2Track3 is the development of a so-called Whole System Model (WSM) for switches and crossings (S&C). The WSM is a simulation tool for holistic evaluation of S&C designs.

The purpose of the WSM is to allow for design optimization of S&C to obtain good and durable designs that give low life cycle costs. The WSM is based on physical modelling of the S&C system. Dynamic interaction between S&C and passing vehicles is considered along with loading and deterioration of S&C components over time.

The animation above shows the simulation of dynamic interaction between a bogie and a crossing panel that constitutes a part of the WSM. The red force arrows illustrate the wheel-rail contact forces between the rails and the leading wheels. It can be noted that the wheel that passes over the crossing in the middle of the crossing panel experiences a much more dynamic excitation compared to the outer wheel. This is because of the rail irregularity created by the crossing transition.


  1. Excellent work! Sincerely wish all colleagues working on the WSM further success in the Project.

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